From the one where it is really used a wig for to a person interested in a wig a little, I answer you for various questions.

How do you shampoo it?
When you sleep, how do you do it?
A sauna is all right?
How is a cut good?
Are not you itchy?
Is it true on a metal check of an airport?
A roller coaster and a swimming pool are really all right?
Is not a dryer usable?
Though hair of a wig falls out and decreased, can you repair it?
Is a set made of only oneself?
If gray hair increased, how is it good?
How is a cut of hair good?
If a base part of a wig was torn, how is it good?
I want to harden it with hard spray on the day when wind is strong?

How much does it take to buy a wig?
How long does it take the maintenance cost use?
Is a price replaced by a style?
It is possible to change a style after having bought it?
how much does it take till it is completed?
Is payment in installments possible?
What is a point of the purchase?
How will be a wig of a bargain ready-made article?
The wig which was suitable to carry out an intense activity such as swimming?
Is one more necessary for time to repair?
Where do wigs form it?
Whose hair of a wig hair?
Are there hair dyed brown or a wig of a bright color?
Is there severe permanent such as a tight curled men's permanent by a wig?
Is a wig completely usable without hair?
I use it for many years and how do do it if white hair increased to hair?

What is the most embarrassing thing by a wig?
Does circumference know?
What is it that I attach a wig, and it was good most?
When you play sports, why do you increase?
When I sleep, can there be some troubled thing?
What was the opportunity that used a wig?
One examined a wig advice.

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