So far there was little information about a wig, but there are many places serving that mail you the catalogue which I introduced a wig to for service improvement now. At first it is important that I try to compare these catalogues for a fact. In addition, (a net mail order specialty) please try to grasp carried information well in the case of the company where there is not a catalogue because there is information in homepages.
(catalogue request is possible in companies homepage and Area Booking Collect Call Service)

Next really goes to a shop if I collected some information by the catalogue which I ordered from the companies, and let's get the opportunity that I watch it with eyes what kind of wig it is by, and can touch it by hand. On the other hand, in the case of net mail orders, I will try to refer for the details about service at this stage well from companies homepage. I come to the store, and a method to watch a wig will make proposal from there because I take a reservation of coming to the store from Area Booking Collect Call Service and a homepage of the companies.

I really come to the store and have you show an article, and please receive explanation. If I was able to get an estimate at this stage, let's take you well. In addition, I hear a questionable point well, and please gather information of an inquired form and an inquiry of an email when there is not a true store because it is possible.

Because there are many cases that the handling of companies credit company is possible, I can make a loan. In addition, collective payment with cash is possible, too. In the case of most, I cut down a means of payment at the time of a contract, but a person worried about this dot will confirm it when I take an estimate by all means. There is it if I ask when I do a calculation of a loan together.

By the result that I examined by oneself, I decide the purchase ahead and become a contract.
I really wait for it to be delivered afterward.

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