Users of a wig increases year by year.By kinds of an article having increased and a change of a social life, a fall tendency has age of a user slowly from the front for several years.There is many male model that it is used a wig to cover circular alopecia and disease and falling-out hair by an injury as well as falling-out hair and comes.

In this site, I explain the type that a lot of men are used to Maine.

It is an article covering only the part which a wig of this type used widely accepts progress of falling-out hair and wants to cover. I am suitable to make natural form by making a wig to be familiar with hair as much as possible. In addition, restoring hair and drawing of a wig are very vague things, but will introduce "restoring hair" other things as "a wig" with the thing which can be tied to hair by several units in this site.

Frankly speaking, it is hard to say not to come out.But when it raids nothing. No matter how much sense of incongruity never appears if I do not do even that I dissolve hair even if I purchase the product which may take money.I do a set and care well so that it is it in such a thing, and consciousness and an action repairing immediately are necessary when a pain is in wig in itself. In addition, I cannot recommend the sets which I thought about originally very much. If it is a major maker, please be taught a set method by the delivery of goods people in charge well in a sale company pro-stylist of charge, independence.Because I can do it in almost natural form if I take some trouble if it is the present product technology, please try to use it with confidence.

I distribute it greatly, and there are four methods as follows.
I am for the one where most of the hair installing a wig does not stay.Putting on and taking off is each person
I install metal fittings special inside of a wig and stop it to hair Putting on and taking off is each person
A net is crowded with one's hair and a thread to install inside of a wig-shaped thing Disassembly uselessness
A method to stick a base part of a wig on the skin with a special medicine Disassembly uselessness
Each has technical progress, and a range of choice of used one opens year by year.

A kind of a wig and a wearing method, after-sale service, the system of repair, a guarantee, a made-to-order article are various for wig service; there is a kind.
There are basically many cases that satisfaction does not go to if do not choose the thing which a way of thinking and a lifestyle of used one had; can ask you it.I recommend that I have I do comparison with a price and choose a wig after having grasped the service that accompanies it when I use the wig which I put up as above altogether when I really choose a wig.

I do it in wait for the companies, waiting, but around 400000-600000 yen are prices of average in the case of around 100000-300000 yen, a made-to-order article (and I make a model to form of a head, thing which can choose a color of hair freely) in the case of a ready-made article (a thing to choose from a style and a number of the models pattern of a wig).

check point
A price is one price to the last.When you want to do repair to add the case that I use a wig, and have failed and quantity of hair to, meanwhile, you must leave a wig with a maker.
Even if to some extent the state that there is not a wig matches, it is all right, but, in the case of the that there is not a problem at all, recommends what is made in the case of the which must always use a wig one more in one.

As for the durability of a wig, degree becomes one aim in the case of a certain two type conventionally for 2-5 years.But, by maintenance or usage, the durability changes greatly.
Then a burden to suffer from the wig main body changes when I did it in a disassembly-free wearing method by one wig when I did it in a wearing method to be removable while using two wigs in turn so that it is not it to a competition thing.
I have to be aware of the period that I can take advantage of becoming short if I do not do the handling since you bought when I make much of the durability.

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