A wig navigator is a site sending right information of a wig for a man.
It is not a site to sell specific article and service.

Of have know slightly much information before purchasing a wig, and understanding; is good; of selection of wig; want to help you.

Information of the wig which I cannot readily hear.From original investigation and the information that had you offer it, I tell all of you about right information.

As well as one-sided information from a specific company, I tell you about information from many companies and information from one of a user from a fair situation.

I want you to be positive by having ed with a wig. And I want I am positive and to use a wig. A wig navigator has such a thought.

Information of various wigs which it carries in this site is general information, and it is not the thing which adapts itself to all wig handling companies.
An amount of money and usage, repair, a, in addition, mention about a wig cannot guarantee these information entirely. As general information, please use this site.
In addition, for a trouble / a loss / the damage that occurred by using this site, please warn Pencil Co., Ltd. and a carried company on the occasion of the use because I do not take all responsibility.

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