No matter how it is it in a really unnatural style when I do not succeed in an everyday set even if I am high-quality and purchase a natural wig.Here, I introduce the slight point set that even who can simplify and the set method that I cannot recommend very much to.

A part separates you with a certain article (a population of skin), and a method of a set is considerably replaced with an article to love.It is a decisive factor of a set that the article that there is a part from before when particularly much one is used does styling while shading off a part part. It is the set which is not so good that distribute with small combs of eyes. It is an art I match skeleton brushes with a part perpendicularly, and I shade off a part in spite of being the making of, and to divide some hair flows into both sides from an intermediate part minute of hair toward a front hairline. When it distributes small comb of eyes as had written on the top, it is possibility size becoming unnatural in a too forcible part. In addition, hair of a part part decreases and stops and becomes unnatural when I do this.

check point
I will try to form a natural hair flow after putting up a root in skeleton brushes.
It is NG with an unnatural style that distribute a part with a comb well!

It is a decisive factor of a set that an article having a hairline shades off a line of a hairline.I take down hair with a brush first in a front side to shade off a hairline in most difficult all back-style and lift it in a direction of back around a point of a brush from there. It is important not to lift too much the small hair which there is at the front desk from a root.Because there is short hair with a habit in a human hairline thin by all means, it is natural to shade off the making of, a line of a hairline by a wig in this intentionally; is set. In addition, I use small hair effectively and will not be able to try to watch a line unnaturally to shade off a hairline in the case of the style that a front part appears well even besides all back-style by all means.

At the time of all back, I draw all hair in a front course once, and it is how to use brush which it puts up around a point of a brush.
When it puts up all hair from a root straight, it is NG because I see too much front-line!

The set point that the part that hair of a wig overlaps with hair is the most important. Let's dissolve it with hair brushes well. The place that must be careful most when I set it in that is a part on sideburns. Because to some extent quantity of hair of a wig falling into a side from case for men in particular, the front desk increases, it is the greatest point that deepness and a difference of hair of oneself are easy to appear. At first I give an explanation about the method that I cannot recommend very much. I turn hair of a wig to back from a side, and it is possible for unnatural difference in grade to be extremely different in hair of oneself which there is on sideburns and deepness of hair of a wig when I dissolve too much it with combs.When I set it, this please warn by all means because it is what much one is apt to do. I let I take it down, and hair of a wig of a part coming on some sideburns be straight familiar with a lower direction as for the point to let a wig match with hair. And I drain a point of a brush from a side into back direction with a brush on the wool which took down hair of some wigs perpendicularly. I do not show difference in grade of unnatural hair, and it is set naturally when I do it this way.

check point
check point
sideburns is the most important.
To some extent I wash down hair of a wig perpendicularly, and, with that in mind, it is an art to drain from a side into back.
It is NG when it carries away hair of all wigs from a side to back because there is difference in grade of hair!

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